Social Media Marketing – Say More On Twitter

Social Media Marketing – Say More On Twitter

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The time has finally come where Twitter users can reveal their resentment with the 140 character limit in more detail, now that Twitter has formally affirmed that they have widened the character limit to 280 per Tweet!

The social networking giant, which was introduced in 2006, grew swiftly to become one of the most popular social media platforms across the globe, however recent drops in growth persuaded the social media giant to make some revisions. Twitter differentiates itself from other social media networks with its ‘microblogging’ feature, which is vastly dissimilar to comparable social media platforms like Facebook and Google Plus. Twitter has just over 330 million users that send roughly 6,000 Tweets per second.

Despite the 140 character limit that solidly defined the social networking service, Twitter proclaimed on November 7 that they want every user around the globe to ‘easily’ express themselves on Twitter. After conducting a series of tests over the last several months, Twitter decided that they wanted to increase the character limit, but only where required. Countries like Japan, China, and South Korea will remain at the 140 character limit, merely because there’s no demand for an increase, as sending messages in these languages can be articulated in a short amount of characters. Languages like English on the other hand, suffer from squashed Tweets with 9% of English Tweets hitting the previous 140 character limit.

So, why the change?

After conducting a string of tests to particular users, Twitter received valuable results and conceived the 240 character limit would be advantageous for the majority of users. Due to the fact that 9% of English users were hitting the 140 character mark, many would have to spend time modifying their Tweets to make sure they didn’t have to send multiple messages. Plus, users would now have the ability to effortlessly fit their thoughts into a single Tweet, so they could say what was on their mind and send them much faster than before.

The question is, what influence will this have for online marketers and SEO providers? Here are a few alterations that they can expect to see.

Increased engagement

Since Twitter lengthened the character limit, users have encountered a higher level of responses which brought about more followers. Obviously, this has been a step in the right direction, as there has been a reported higher satisfaction rate from content producers along with more Likes, Retweets, and Mentions.

Improved user experience for followers.

The doubled character limit means that users will have smaller threads of conversations, since they can fit more information into a single message. Users with long threads of conversations stated that it can at times be difficult to follow and respond to. Additionally, brands are loving the longer Tweets as it enables them to fit more thorough information into a single Tweet which results in higher engagement rates.

Increases customer communication

With the growth of enterprises using social media as a way to handle customer service matters, customers can now articulate an issue in more detail on Twitter which is rewarding for both the customer and the business, as communication is significantly enriched. Previously, many users would have resorted to other social media sites like Facebook to report customer service issues because the character limit was too restricting.

More Creativity

Longer Tweets means that companies can enrich the creativity of their communication with their audience through storytelling, Q&A’s, and more engaging Twitter Chats. Companies would normally have to use other social media channels if they needed to get creative, however brands can now successfully use longer text to their advantage by interacting with their audience on a more personal level.

Although some users have argued that the increase in character limit by Twitter makes them more comparable to other social media networks, the clear majority of users appear to be very content with their latest update. Nothing is permanent in social media, as making changes to stay up to date with changing user behaviour is critical for survival. For the time being though, both users and marketing specialists appear to have emerged the winner!

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